Our Philosophy

Bymead House is committed to providing the highest standards of care in an efficiently managed environment providing value for money services.
We do this by:

  • A quality approach to the care of our residents which is truly holistic
  • Providing staff with training, development and motivation necessary to achieve standards of excellence
  • Choosing local suppliers based on the quality of the service and product
  • Bymead House is committed to contributing to the communities it serves

Gold Standard Framework
We believe that everyone should have the choice to say where and how they would like to be cared for at the end of their life. Consequently, Bymead House embarked upon and achieved a Quality Hallmark Award from the National Gold Standards Framework (GSF) in end of life care. This Framework enables a step by step approach to improve supportive palliative care in a measureable, sustained and peaceful way for people nearing the end of their lives.

The Framework aims to reduce the number of hospital admissions in the last stages of life and ensure that people can pass away with dignity at home in a familiar setting surrounded with people they love. Essentially, the Gold Standard Framework helps us to provide the highest possible standard of care for our residents as well as their families.